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Radio Shack $10 Coupons

Posted in Consumer Protection

Radio Shack.  What is that?  A shack?   A radio?  How old school can you get?   Sort of like the “Buggy Whip Purveyors Since 1785.”  But  give them credit, Radio Shack figured out a way to evolve and morph with the times.   This fixture in malls and strip centers across the country has made it through sea changes in technology, selling everything these days from cell phones, wireless routers, and thumb drives — just to name a few of thousands of products available.  Revenues topped $4 billion (with a “b”) last year.  But for corporate managers it’s always more, more, and more.  So, this holiday season they needed a way to drive traffic to stores and increase revenues.

Coupons, “yeah that’s the ticket”…. 

With much fanfare, Radio Shack announced that it would offer a $10 coupon for every $50 spent at the store through January 5th, 2013.  Sounds simple enough.  And a nice deal for consumers.

But it’s never that simple.  The coupons were supposed to be delivered to consumers via e-mail, with all coupons in the same e-mail.  Unfortunately, many customers have reported they have not received those coupons, despite making valid purchases.  Still more may have received only one coupon when in fact they were entitled under the promotion to three or four (e.g. A customer spending $150 at Radio Shack would be entitled to three $10 coupons or $30 in value). 

Maybe a simple mistake; maybe a way to reduce the cost of a very expensive giveaway. Hmmmmm…. 

If you made a purchase at Radio Shack this past holiday season with the expectation of receiving a $10 coupon for every $50 spent but never received those coupons or had any problem with the coupons, contact us to discuss your rights.

We are dedicated to protecting each and every consumer.   If you feel you’ve been wronged, call or e-mail our offices today.