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DC Bar Treasurer, Steven N. Berk: The Timing Was Right

Posted in Person of the Week

Until this past May, I hadn’t run for anything since the 8th grade.  Then it was president of the class, no less, but, it was 8th grade.  We’re talking about the tail end of the Nixon administration and a Cubs team that only played during the day at Wrigley Field.  But I recently campaigned and was elected with 3515 votes of my peers to the post of Treasurer of the District of Columbia Bar.  Why did I do it?  Timing I suppose.  Like an 8th grader who looks back with nostalgic pride at mastering his middle school’s turf and forward with a vague hope for the days ahead in the mysterious world of high school, I’m at a place in my career in which I feel less invested in the isolated idea of myself and more so in the wider concept of my place in the community.  I care more about my profession; my lens is broader than when I started practicing law over 25 years ago in Chicago.  As a young lawyer – brimming with bravado and excitement – it was all about how “I” can get experience.  How “I” can move up the ladder from associate to what seemed to be such a lofty position:  “Partner”. 

Having done that and been there, I’m more concerned these days about strengthening in some small way my chosen profession.  I care about the plight of new lawyers finding their way, older lawyers transitioning, and the many thousands of less fortunate citizens who depend on the Bar’s robust pro bono program for representation.  I hope as Treasurer to learn, from an inside perspective, what resources the Bar has available and to the best of my ability try to see that those resources are being used effectively.

I feel both humbled and honored to have been elected to this position.  I am committed to respecting the support my peers have given me and I look forward to the challenges ahead.