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“Ask CFPB” – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Provides Helpful Tool

Posted in Consumer Protection

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has launched a new tool called Ask CFPB to help answer financial questions consumers might have. Right now more than 350 entries are available on topics like credit cards and mortgages. As this tool takes off, the Bureau hopes to expand the list of topics to cover student loans, auto loans, checking and savings accounts. You want it, they have it.

Regulating Credit Reporting Agencies and Debt Collectors: Richard Cordray and the CFPB Establish Some of Their Territory

Posted in Consumer Protection

Valuable to many and a safety net to millions more, predatory loans are around to stay. But good news: Our new friends at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau–for the first time–will be taking a good hard look at what is legalized “loan sharking” and put a national enforcement strategy together for policing these practices.